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The Big Picture

The Big Picture


Many artists can be paralyzed by that moment when they stare at a blank canvas - imagine the overwhelming feeling of facing a blank canvas measuring almost 100 metres long & 12 metres at its highest point!

Ando had a vision & was able to take that first brush stroke and a million more to finish the 100,000 saltbush, 20,000 trees, 20,000 small stones, 1000 large stones, 3000 clouds, 1500 hills and the 12 sculptures which comprise The Big Picture, the World's Largest Acrylic Painting on Canvas by a single artist.

Opened to the public in 2001, Ando's Big Picture quickly became Broken Hill's number one tourist attraction! All those who have seen it understand why, because they have experienced the sensation of 'walking into a painting' while having the impression of being in the actual Outback.

Ando, born in Broken Hill, has an incredible portfolio of work that reflects his style of 'ando realism' - an amazing feel for composition, perception, reflection, depth, shadow & light. The viewer wants to walk into the landscape or touch the feathers of each bird. An incredible feat for an artist who has never had an art lesson in his life! A picture may say a thousand words, but Ando's paintings will leave you speechless!

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